Sunday, September 25, 2016

Our First Play Date with Carol and Henry

I probably shouldn’t call this event a play date.  Barry and Henry didn’t know anything about it in advance, but Carol and I did.  A couple of weeks ago, Carol and I decided that it was an appropriate time to experiment and see how things would go if we tried to have some fun with Barry and Henry together.  We talked about it and felt that a joint spanking would be a good way to break the ice.  So, Carol and I made plans for us to get together for dinner at her house and to create a situation where they both deserved to be spanked.

During dessert Carol purposely raised a topic that she knew Henry had some strong feelings about … that were somewhat different than hers (a local political situation).  Henry took the bait and began to argue with her, albeit in a very gentle and kind way.  Carol took offense at his arguing and Barry quickly came to his defense (it really was a fabricated reason for Carol to be upset).  That gave me the opportunity to intervene and declare that both gentlemen were acting a bit childish and each deserved a good spanking.  I suggested to Carol that we take care of it right now.  Barry quickly caught on to what was happening and played along.  He apologized profusely and begged me not to spank him in front of Carol and Henry.  However, Henry continued to argue and declare that he didn’t deserve to be spanked for merely expressing a different view point.  At this point, Barry really stepped up to the plate .   He turned to Henry and said something like “Let it go Henry.  Let’s just take our punishment like the men we are.  How bad can it be, especially since I understand that you and I each seem to enjoy being turned over the knee of a beautiful woman.”  With that, our first play date began….

Two dining room chairs were placed facing each other in the living room. Carol and I sat down on them.  Since Carol and I each spank with a different hand (right vs left), the two men found themselves standing side by side in their underwear after we instructed them to remove their shirts, trousers, shoes, and socks.  Barry was wearing is usual panties and Henry a pair of colored low-rise men’s jockey shorts.  They both couldn’t hide the fact that they were wearing a chastity cage.  I couldn’t resist teasing them a bit about how sexy they looked and how much I was going to enjoy seeing each of their bare bottoms turned to a rosy red color.

As we lowered their underwear, I was surprised to see that Henry was also wearing a chastity cage.  I commented to Carol that perhaps we should remove their cages so that we can better assess how they are reacting to their spankings.  Carol quickly agreed  and we did.

As the cages were removed, both of our men began to show signs of arousal.  I couldn’t resist toying with Barry’s penis while offering loving comments about how nice it was to see him being excited about getting a spanking.  Carol chimed in as well and we each agreed that we were sure that they would not seem so excited once they were being seriously spanked.

As we turned our two little boys over our laps, their heads were side by side, so they would obviously be aware of each others’ reactions to the spanking.  Carol and I had earlier agreed that we would play it by ear, but that we would try to keep the level of discomfort for each of our little boys about the same.  Carol warned me that she planned to give Henry a fairly hard spanking.  We also agreed that we would start with a prolonged hand spanking to warm them up and see how things were going.  We could then decide whether it was appropriate to proceed to a serious spanking.

It turned out to be a lot of fun.  Carol and I could reach each man’s bottom, so we occasionally spanked the other mate.  At one point, when he was whining and complaining to Carol about being spanked, I reached over and gave Henry a few hard swats with my hand and told him to stop his whining.  Immediately afterwards, Carol gave Barry several unexpected really hard spanks that caught him by surprise and created a reaction from him.

After each bottom was nicely warmed up, I suggested that we needed to drive our point home to our naughty little boys and suggested that we employ something more severe than our hands.  Carol agreed and sent Henry to the bedroom to get their bag of implements.  While he was gone, I warned Barry to be prepared for a tough spanking.  I let him know that he was going to get it worse than Henry.  I couldn’t help but smile when he replied “Give it to me darling.  I’ll take it.”  It was clear that he was willing to show Henry how much he could take.

When Henry returned with the bag of implements, Carol suggested that we let each little boy select an implement to be used.  She asked Henry to pick first.  He picked a 24” ruler, but I knew that it could provide a lot of sting, should Carol decide to use it hard.  Much to my delight, Barry picked a heavy wooden hairbrush.  Henry looked at him like he was crazy.  Barry picked up on that and commented to Henry that he knows I will only use it as hard as is appropriate.

So, back over our knees the two naughty boys went.  They both received an appropriately hard spanking.  Side by side they moaned and begged.  I took my cue from Carol concerning how hard she wanted to spank Henry.  I initially matched her level.   However, as we finished up, I gave Barry a rapid series of ten swats with the hairbrush that had him begging me to stop.   In the end, they each received a tough spanking.  I’m sure they each wanted to demonstrate their pain endurance to the other.

When we were done, we settled in for a cup of coffee with each other and discussed what had happened.  I was pleased to hear from each of them that it was an exciting experience.  Carol and I just looked at each other and smiled.  It appeared that the boys were comfortable with each other.  We each knew that we had opened up an interesting door.


Thursday, September 22, 2016

“Where’ve You Been Susan?”

"Where've you been?" is a question I get asked a lot these days.  I’ve been on hiatus from more than just this blog.  I’ve taken time off from a number of other activities and connections as well; and it has been good.  However, I’m now ready to re-enter the wider world again.  At some point I may share what prompted my absence, but I’m not ready to do so yet.  Please bear with me.

First, let me assure everyone that Barry and I are fine.  We have never been better, both health-wise and relationship-wise.  However, we have been busy, so it was good to slow some things down a bit.

My sister, Carol, is also doing great and we have been seeing a lot of her.  Since I last blogged, a new man has come into her life and she is thoroughly enjoying it.  His name is Henry, and he is a wonderful and kind gentleman about her age.  He is also quite kinky with a naturally submissive side similar to Barry’s.  Carol actually met him through FetLife, so that is not surprising.  They’ve been seeing each other for about four months now and seem to be developing a very close relationship.  During the last two weeks, we have actually started to play together a little bit, so there may be some interesting stories for me to tell (with Carol’s permission, of course).

I hope my small band of loyal readers are well and have not forgotten me.  I apologize for disappearing, but it did me a lot of good; and my absence has made me realize that I miss having this outlet to share some things in my life that can’t be shared with most other people.

It feels good to start typing again.


Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Effective Maintenance Spankings

Barry's behavior has been exemplary the past two weeks.  He is been kind, loving, helpful around the house, and eager to provide me with sexual pleasure.  I'd like to think that a new maintenance spanking procedure that I implemented may be part of the reason.  The first Sunday afternoon after his last punishment session I announced to him that Sunday would now be "maintenance spanking day" in our household.

I also decided that the maintenance spanking should be one that would give him something to think about for several days.  Yet, I didn't want the spanking itself to be as intense as a punishment spanking.  So, two Sundays ago I implemented the following approach.  Sitting on the sofa in our family room, I lowered Barry's panties and took him over my lap with his upper torso resting on the sofa.  I asked him to make sure he was comfortable, because he was going to be there for a good length of time.  I then used one of our wooden hairbrushes to methodically spank every inch of his bare bottom, and gave extra special attention to his sit spot.  I didn't spank terribly hard, but let the hairbrush do the work.  The result was a very prolonged continual spanking (over 1/2 hour) that left his bottom very red and sore.  The intensity was such that Barry could tolerate it more easily than a punishment spanking.  However, the prolonged use of the hairbrush left him with a soreness deep into his muscles back there.  His bottom was still pink on Wednesday and Barry admitted that he was still sore and was aware of his bottom with every movement.

I repeated the same type of spanking this past Sunday.  However, this time we had a little surprise.  I had just started the spanking when our doorbell rang.  I got up to see who was there and it was Carol!  As she and I walked back to the family room, Barry was in the process of pulling on his pants.  Carol immediately apologized for having interrupted us in something (with a big smile on her face).  I explained that I has just started administering Barry's weekly maintenance spanking and suggested that she might like to help me.  After telling Barry to strip back down to his panties, I asked Carol to bring two chairs in from the dining room; and I retrieved another heavy hair brush from our bedroom.  Carol and I then seated ourselves facing each other.  After taking Barry's panties back down, he went over our laps.   I then explained and demonstrated my new technique to her.  However, before we really got started, Carol commented that Barry seemed to be enjoying this new technique.  His erection against her thigh was very apparent.

Making Barry stand up, I confirmed that he was fully aroused.  "I think you need to get rid of that" I said to Barry.  He looked stunned and almost pleaded with me to just give him time for it to go down.  "I don't think so, I told him.  Go into the kitchen and get a small glass" I replied.  He then did plead with me not to make him do that.  "Go ... now", I said.

When Barry returned, I told him to explain to Carol our new house rule.  At this point he began to blush, but finally stammered to her that whenever I allow him to have an orgasm, he has to consume his fluid.  I then directed him to get busy, because I wanted to be sure that he didn't find his maintenance spanking to be an enjoyable experience.  It took him some time, but he eventually succeeded and followed through with the new rule.  I could tell that Carol was enjoying the sight intensely.

When he was finished, Barry was back over our laps, where he remained for well over a half hour, with two of us working on his bottom.  By the time we let him up, his bottom was even redder than last week.

We'll see if the effects are as good the second week as the first.  I'm hoping they will be.


Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Update re: Domestic Discipline or Rape?

I first want to express my appreciation to each of you who took the time and energy to share your thoughts and comments about the previous post.  I spent most of last week contemplating the situation and your input was very helpful.

What first got me thinking more about Barry's reaction was the comment from Anonymous on March 14 in which he shared that there was a piece of the puzzle missing.  When I looked back on the evening of Barry's punishment, I realized that Barry did not react in a negative way at all when Carol massaged his prostate.  If he was feeling violated, I would have expected him to act repulsed and/or frightened, and to try to avoid what was happening.  On the contrary, he seemed to be enjoying it. He was moving his bottom towards Carol, not away from her, and he was emitting sensual, moaning sounds as if to express his pleasure with what she was doing.   Anonymous was correct.  Things just didn't add up.

More comments later on in the week also seemed to confirm my newly developed feelings and assessment of what happened.  Barry had actually enjoyed his punishment and should be appreciative of Carol and me, and not be trying to manipulate things.

So, Sunday evening, I had another talk with Barry.  I shared my assessment and asked him to explain why he had appeared to be enjoying things so much if he felt he was being violated or raped.  He tried to wiggle his way out of my questions, but eventually admitted that he enjoyed what she was doing at the time, but felt humiliated afterwards.  He also finally admitted that he was using the "feeling violated" approach as a way to get his way in the future.

I was pleased that he finally told me the truth, but was upset that he had been deceptive with me and was trying to be controlling.  Thanks to your comments, he didn't get away with it.

Yesterday, I called Carol and we had long chat.  She seemed a bit relieved about things because she had been concerned that she had caused some problems for Barry and me.  I assured her that it was Barry who has caused the problems.  After discussing several options of how to proceed, we decided that Carol would come by for dinner that evening so that we could sort things out with him.  We also decided that her visit would be a surprise for Barry.

Barry was quite surprised when Carol arrived last night shortly before dinner was ready.  I could also see a look of concern in his eyes. During dinner, I opened the conversation about Barry trying to manipulate things by claiming that Carol had violated him during his previous discipline session.  I also let him know that I have already shared all of our discussions with Carol.  However, I also made Barry personally admit what he had done to her.  As dinner ended, I informed Barry that he was going to be punished again and that this time he will hopefully have a better understanding of the definition of being violated versus feeling humiliated after experiencing something that he enjoyed.  He immediately became argumentative and tried to convince us that it wasn't a big deal.  He claimed that he was just having fun with us.  At that point Carol asked him if he had read the numerous comments to my blog post about the punishment session.  When he informed us that he had not, she let him know that the comments all seemed to be from male readers and almost all did not agree with his perspective.  She also produced a printed copy of the comments from her purse and proceeded to read them to Barry.  I could tell that he was very surprised by the reaction of my readers.

As we finished dinner, Carol and I began to clear the table.  I directed Barry to go to our bathroom and use a Fleet enema; and to then dress in clothing that was on our bed for him.  He was then to meet us in the living room.  When we had finished the dishes, we found Barry in the living room wearing the red baby doll nightgown with matching panties, along with white thigh-high stockings that I had left out for him.  He looked quite nervous.  When we entered the room, I suggested to Carol that she should make sure Barry has no desire for sexual arousal, which was are agreed upon way of me telling her to milk him again.

Carol then placed a towel on our sofa and made Barry kneel on it with his hands on the back of the sofa like she did last week.  She then proceeded to glove up, lubricate, and enter his bottom ... not quite as gently as last time.  It took a bit longer this time, but she eventually produced a stream of seminal fluid oozing from his caged penis.  As a side note, I am amazed at how easily she does this.  It seems much easier for her than me:  perhaps due to her career as a nurse.

Barry seemed more subdued during this procedure than last week.  I suspect it was due to his realization that Carol and I were not happy with the stunt he had pulled, claiming that he had been violated.  He clearly didn't enjoy it this time, but he also didn't try to make her stop.

As Carol finished and removed her glove, I stood up and announced to Barry that it is now time for some real learning to take place.  I directed Barry to meet us in the guest room.  Carol and I then went to our bedroom where we prepared ourselves with our strapons.  I had Carol wear a smaller one, comparable to Barry's erect penis, which is also the one that we like to use for pegging.  It was the one I pegged him with last week.   I wore a much larger one, which Barry and I have never used for pegging.  He is clearly intimidated by its size.  It is about 8" long and 2" in diameter.  I bought it as kind of a joke and have worn it under my skirt or jeans to tease Barry when I planned to peg him, but I have never attempted to insert it into him.

When we arrived in the guest room wearing our strapons, I could see the look of fear in Barry's eyes.  He was sitting in a comfortable chair as we approached.  We both stood in front of him and we each made a point of holding our strapon in our hand as I spoke to him.  "You are about to get fucked", I said.  "I want you and I to each learn more about how you feel about Carol violating you.  So, I am going to give you a choice.  Do you want her to fuck you with a comfortable dildo?  Or, do you want me to fuck you with this?"

The look on his face was priceless.  He quickly chose Carol!  I couldn't help but comment that apparently he doesn't feel violated by allowing Carol to fuck him.  I also purposely was allowing my language to be course at this time.  I was tired of the games that he was playing with me. I then made Barry lie over the Liberator wedge on the bed and secured his wrists and ankles with the under-the-bed bondage system, and directed Carol to have her way with him and to not feel a need to be gentle.  Carol then made him suck her strapon, and told him to make sure he makes it very wet, because that was the only lubricant she was going to use ... since it was such a small dildo. Barry responded as you would expect.  He vigorously slurped all over her dildo. I have to confess that I enjoyed watching this spectacle.  She eventually moved behind him and proceeded to vigorously peg him.  She looked to me several times to make sure I was OK with what she was doing ... and I was.

When Carol finally finished, Barry was groaning,not moaning.  It had clearly not been a pleasant sexual experience for him.  I then placed my large strapon in his face and directed him to prepare it for insertion.  Again he slurped all over it.  When I went behind him, I did add a small amount of lube without Barry being aware of me doing it.  I then told Barry that we were going to do a little role play ... and explained that she should imagine that he had just entered prison and was placed in a cell with a very large, mean looking convict.  In the middle of the night, he awakens to find the other convict sitting on his back and beginning to tie his hands behind his back.  He then tells Barry that he is his bitch.  He also tells him to not bother making any noise, because the guards won't react.  They realize that when he (the other convict) receives his sexual relief, things seem to run more smoothly in the prison.  He tells Barry that the positive side of being his bitch is that he will be the only one who will do this to him.  He will protect Barry from all of the other horny men who would otherwise find ways to fuck him.  I then told Barry to pretend that I am the other convict.

 Even though his bum hole was loosened up by Carol's pegging, it still took quite some time to get the entire dildo inserted.  Due to its size, I tried to be relatively gentle with the insertion process.  However, once it was fully in him, I announced that he was not going to be fucked.  I proceeded to slide it in and out with a regular rhythm.  At the end I was thrusting harder and faster, mimicking a climax.  When I finished, Barry was lying limply over the Liberator wedge.  I then asked Barry how it felt to be fucked and violated in that way.  He mumbled something about it not being any fun at all and he seemed relieved that we were done.  However, he quickly learned that we weren't.

I then explained to him that the first part of the lesson was over ... the learning part.  However, he was now going to be punished for lying to me about his reaction to Carol.  The two of us then retrieved two paddles from under the bed.  Carol took the Jokari and I took the large lexan paddle.  With the two of us standing on opposites sides of the bed, we team paddled him.  I would strike first with the lexan across both cheeks and Carol would immediately apply the Jokari across both.   That way I could control the tempo and set the example of harshness for each stroke.  But, each stroke consisted of two swats, one from each of us.  I didn't keep count, but we each must have delivered at least 40 or 50 strokes, the last 10 from each of us in rapid succession.  By that time, Barry was sobbing and begging us to stop.

I then released Barry from his bondage and took him into my arms to comfort him.  I asked Carol to go to the kitchen and prepare a glass of wine for each of us.  After about ten minutes, Barry and I joined her.

It was definitely a learning experience for Barry.  I am pretty confident that he learned a hard lesson about lying to me and trying to control me.

Thanks again for your thoughtful and helpful comments.


Sunday, March 13, 2016

Domestic Discipline or Rape?

I have been hoping the Barry would feel comfortable to personally share information about what happened last weekend with Carol.  However, I don't think that is going to happen.  It is still a bit raw for him and he's not ready or able to share much about it.

He and I have had a number of discussions the past week about one aspect of how Carol disciplined him.  Our discussions were focused on Barry's reaction to Carol massaging and milking his prostate gland.  I probably shouldn't have been, but I was surprised when Barry told me that he felt violated by her actions.  At first, I didn't fully understand his reaction.. However, as we talked I became more understanding of his perception that she was personally stimulating a sexual area (the male P-spot) for the purpose of making him climax (albeit a very non-rewarding climax).  He viewed that very differently than just inserting a butt plug or dildo in his bottom.  He really made me stop and think when he asked me how I would feel if his brother inserted his fingers in my vagina and also used them to stimulate my clitoris to the point of climax.  My honest answer was that I would feel like I was being raped.  And, that is exactly how Barry felt.

I am saddened that I didn't realize that would be his reaction.  I am also sorry that I gave Carol such carte blanche authority to discipline Barry.  That was a mistake that I will not make again.  On the positive side, I am glad to learn that there is a limit to Barry submissive side.  I didn't know where that limit was (or if it existed), but now I do.  That is a good thing.

We continue to grow ...


Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Carol Punishes Barry

While Barry and I were eating lunch on Saturday, I shared with him that my sister Carol would be stopping by during the afternoon.  I also let him know that I have given her full authority to punish him in whatever way she feels is appropriate for his groping of her ass last Sunday.  I strongly suggested that he offer her a heartfelt apology when she arrives and then accept however she decides to respond.

Carol arrived around 2 PM.  Barry was in his office working on our tax return, so I fixed tea for Carol and me.  I also let Barry know that Carol had arrived.  He indicated that he would be out shortly.  While we were waiting for Barry, I asked Carol if she had decided how she would punish Barry.  She indicated that she had and asked if it would be OK for her to remove Barry's chastity device.  She also shared that she planned to make Barry feel very vulnerable and to make sure he had a very sore bottom at the end.  She also asked if she have access to our collection of spanking implements and toys.  I  took her to our bedroom where she picked out several items and I gave her the key to Barry's cage.  When we returned to the living room, Carol placed the items in a large canvas tote bag that she had with her.

Well, it was almost 3 PM before Barry appeared!  That was probably not a good decision on his part.  It was also not a good decision to offer a terse apology with the excuse that he didn't realize what he was doing.  I could tell that Carol was not very pleased with Barry's response and I could almost see her mood harden.  She asked Barry if he understood that I have given her permission to punish him in whatever way she desires.  When Barry acknowledged that he did, I suggested that we retire to our family room.

When we entered the room, Carol grabbed Barry by his left ear and led him to a corner.  She directed him to wait there and to consider why he was going to be punished while she prepared a few things.  She then took some items out of her tote bag and placed them on a side table.  However, she seemed to purposely leave some items in the bag.

When she was done, Carol sat down on the hassock in our family room and directed Barry to come to her.  While he stood in front of her, she carried on a lengthy conversation with him concerning why he was being punished.  During this time she made him admit that took very inappropriate liberties with her as he groped and played with her ass.  She also made it clear that she was now going to take liberties with him.  After unbuckling his belt and lowering his trousers, she directed him to remove his shirt.  She then helped him step out of the trousers, leaving him standing in front of her dressed in only his panties.  I was impressed with how she took her time and let her hands wander about his groin and ass, while teasing him about the chastity cage he was wearing.  She played with it and his testicles through his panties while she continually asked him questions about why he was in a cage.  She didn't stop until he admitted that he has been addicted to porn and masturbation and that this is the only way that I (Susan) can assure that he will be fully devoted to pleasing her.  I have to confess that she was really quite amazing in her understanding of our situation.

Then, she slowly lowered his panties ... and produced the key to the lock on his cage.  It was very clear that Barry got very nervous as she unlocked it, and talked with him as she removed it, explaining  that I had given her permission to punish him in any way she deemed appropriate.

Carol also took advantage of Barry being very erect when she removed his cage.  She quickly began teasing him about why he was aroused.  He had no good answer to her questions.  Now being completely naked, Barry was completely exposed to however she wanted to touch him ... which she did!  While doing so, she made it clear that she was only doing to him what he had done to her.

She then told Barry that there would be two parts to his punishment.  The first would address his inability to control his hands.  The second would address his attitude last Sunday evening that he owned her ass, or at least felt he could do whatever he wanted with respect to fondling it.

"Let's deal your inability to control your own hands first", she said.  Standing up, she directed Barry to hold his right hand out in front of his waist, palm up.  She then went to the side table and retrieved our ash ruler paddle.  She advised Barry that each hand was going to receive ten strokes of the paddle on its palm.  After telling him to hold his hand perfectly still, she delivered the first stroke.  It was obvious by his reaction that it really hurt.  After slowly delivering ten strokes to the right hand,she repeated the process for his left hand.  As she finished, she commented to him that hopefully in the future he will think more carefully about how he uses his hands.

Carol then retrieved our set of wrist cuffs from the side table and bound Barry's wrists together in front of him ... telling him she plans to make sure he keeps them under control for the next part of his punishment.  After sitting on the hassock again, Carol made Barry stand in front of her while she teased him about getting aroused in front of her.  She then informed him that the next part of his punishment would deal with the fact that he acted like he could touch her in any way he wanted last Sunday night, as if he owned her ass.  She explained that tonight she was going to own his ass.  She then looked over at me and told me not to worry ... she didn't plan to peg Barry.  "That would be too easy and he would enjoy it too much", she explained.  She then took him over her lap and made him spread his legs, which left his ass and genitals completely exposed and vulnerable to her.  She emphasized that fact my toying with his ass, as well as his scrotum penis.  She even gave the head of his penis a few playful swats to emphasize just how vulnerable he was.

She then asked me to bring her the hairbrush from the side table and immediately put it to work.  I was impressed with the methodical way she firmly spanked Barry's bottom  She started on his right cheek and repeatedly spanked it with the brush until it was bright red.  She then moved to his left cheek and repeated the process.  At that point she stopped to massage and fondle and massage his bottom, reminding him how he had done that to her.  However, she also let her fingers drift and tease his anus and his scrotum.  She then used her left hand to hold his right cheek away from his cleft ... and worked on that inner area with the brush until it was also bright red.  No surprise that she then did the save with his left cheek.  She was going to leave no area untouched!  After more massaging and teasing, she turned her attention to the lower slope of his bottom, just above his thighs.  She did all of this very methodically.  It was not a beating, but the results were very impressive.

When she was satisfied, Carol reached into her tote bag again and produced a Fleet Enema bottle.  Barry couldn't see it, but he was obvious that he knew what it was when he felt the tip being inserted.  After emptying its contents into his rectum, Carol then went back to her tote and pulled out the penis shaped butt plug that she had taken from our toys.  It is not very long, but it has great girth.  After lubing it well, in it went.  And, then Carol went back to the methodical spanking routine.

After about ten minutes (I'm guessing here), she directed him to go to the bathroom and empty his bowels.  Barry looked at her and said he didn't know how to get the plug out, since his hands were still bound.  Carol quickly replied something like "Oh Dear, I guess you're going to need some help.  I'll be happy to do that."  The two of them then went into the bathroom and Carol left the door open, so I decided to watch.  It was interesting to observe Barry's reaction to having Carol remove the plug as he kept his bottom just above the toilet.  When he was done, it was also interesting to see his reaction to having Carol clean up his bottom.

I disappeared before she was done, so Barry wouldn't necessarily know that I had been watching (although I later shared that fact with him).  When they came back into the family room, Carol placed a towel on our sofa and directed Barry to kneel on it with his legs spread and to place his hands on the back of the sofa.  She then retrieved an exam glove for her bag, put it on, and lubed it well.  I could tell by his body action that Barry knew what was coming next.  Carol proceeded to insert her first two fingers into Barry's bum hole.  As she moved them around a smile came over her face as she found his prostate.  She proceeded to massage it and, after about 10 minutes, her efforts produced results.  Barry groaned and whimpered as some juice started to flow from his penis.  During the entire process she was teasing Barry about how much she was enjoying playing with HIS ass.

Carol then took Barry back over her lap and again went into her tote bag.  Much to my surprise, she produced a tube of IceyHot gel; and proceeded to rub a bit of it into the entire reddened area of Barry's bottom and upper thighs. As she did this, she shared with Barry that she wanted him to remember this spanking a bit longer.  She also rubbed some of it onto his scrotum and the shaft of his penis, and re-inserted the butt plug (but with no IceyHot).

She then again returned to the tote bag and produced a panty girdle, which I later learned was one of hers.  Un-cuffing Barry's wrists, she directed him to put on the girdle.  She told him that she suspects that it might be a little small for him, but that was all the better...because she wanted it to help hold in the heat of his spanking and the feeling of the IceyHot.  It was a bit small and Barry had to work hard to get it on.  It was obviously going to be tight and constricting.  I also have to admit that I was quite intrigued about this phase of his punishment.  When he finally got it on, Carol turned to me and said that Barry is not to remove it until the morning.  She added that she doesn't care if he claims he needs to go to the bathroom.  He just had a bowel movement and he urinated.  He can control how much fluid he takes in tonight ... so that should not be an issue.

It seemed like the punishment was now done.  However, it was now a bit after 5 PM.  So, I suggested that Carol stay for dinner.  I explained that I had a pot of stew ready for an informal dinner.  Barry looked at me as if I was crazy.  However, I thought this would be a good time to debrief a bit.


While we ate dinner, we discussed a bit about what had happened. I won't go into that right now, but it was an interesting conversation on the part of both Carol and Barry.  As dinner ended and Carol began to make plans to leave, she began gathering her things. As almost an afterthought, she turned to Barry and said that she wanted to leave him a final impression.  After dropping his trousers, she directed him to bend over the end of the table.  She then proceeded to use the ash ruler paddle over his panty girdle.  Each stroke was applied very firmly as she worked her way from the middle of his bottom to the top of his thighs; and then worked her way back up.  Even through the girdle, it was clear that Barry was feeling this last paddling.  She then pulled his girdle down, applied some more IceyHot and replaced it.  As she left she shared with Barry that she hopes he thinks about her a lot this evening.


Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Barry's Turn - Pegged with Witnesses

Susan has suggested (directed) that I personally share my thoughts about what happened Sunday evening rather than having her to share them for me.  As I have previously shared, this is not a very easy thing for me to do, but I will do my best.

I guess I should begin with my thoughts about being pegged.  It is difficult for me to explain why I am so drawn by this activity.  I guess it is because it makes me feel completely vulnerable and submissive to Susan.  After all, I don't think I could feel anymore exposed and vulnerable than when my butt is in the air and Susan is sliding her dildo into it.  That coupled with the sexual arousal I feel while being penetrated puts me at a very special "place".

So, pegging is something that really turns me on, which is why I have asked Susan to do it.  And it is why I agreed to have her sister and friend witness the event.  It was the only way she would do this to me.  I had serious doubts about whether it would be a good decision before Sunday.  However, after the evening ended, I was very glad that I took the chance.

Having Carol and Helen spank me before the pegging was extremely helpful.  I love to be spanked and that felt like a very safe way to get them involved in the evening.  I also loved the way they teased me while spanking me at a very comfortable level.

The only time I felt any concern that night was when Carol stood up and revealed that she had a strapon under her dress.  My immediate fear was that Susan would let Carol peg me what was obviously a much bigger dildo than I had ever taken.  However, my fears were reduced when I realized that I would hopefully only be required to suck on it.  That actually excited me.  Once I started, the complete submissiveness of having Susan penetrating my ass while I was sucking Carol's strapon put me in complete subspace.  I suspect that is why I ended up grabbing Carol's ass so forcefully (I don't really remember doing it).

I was also in a very wonderful place during the final portion of the evening, when I had a strapon in each end while Susan brought me to a forceful climax.  I also don't really remember (although Susan has assured me  that it happened) licking my juice off Carol's strapon.

I'm not sure if this helps explain why I feel the way I do.  However, I hope it conveys what a wonderful experience I enjoyed Sunday evening.  I fully realize that I am an extremely lucky man to have Susan as my wonderful.  Our relationship is something that I could never have dreamed of four or five years ago.  She is a gift to me and I love her deeply ... such that I will do anything for her.


Follow-up with Carol and Helen

Based on their comments at the end of Sunday evening, and a phone call I had with each of them on Monday morning, it is apparent that Carol and Helen thoroughly enjoyed themselves!  Helen acknowledged that she was a little apprehensive when she arrived and during our dessert conversation.  However, the non-disciplinary spanking she helped administer to Barry seemed to really help break the ice.  She loved being able to spank Barry at that level of intensity and see the impact it had on him.  She was later amazed at how much Barry seemed to enjoy what I did do him and how excited it made him.  And she expressed her appreciation to me for letting her be just an observer during those activities.  She admitted that she probably would not have been comfortable doing what Carol did.
On the other hand, Carol loved being involved.  She offered that she found it very exciting, and even arousing, to see how much Barry loved being anally taken by me.  She was especially amazed at how actively and purposely Barry sucked her strapon ... both times.  She loved seeing that reaction, especially when he was groping her behind as he pulled her closer to him to better work on the strapon.   She volunteered that she would have loved to have been even more involved than what she was, but that she understands that I probably don't want to open that door.

 I was glad that she wasn't upset by Barry's groping and I again suggested that she should give him a sound spanking for being so fresh with her.  She agreed that it would be very appropriate and that she would be happy to teach him a lesson.  At the moment we are thinking of having her drop by sometime Saturday afternoon, at which time the spanking will be administered.  In the meantime, which are each giving some thought as to how to make it a very embarrassing event for Barry.


Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Barry Pegged with Witnesses

Due to a scheduling conflict which cropped up for Carol, Barry's witnessed pegging was postponed from Thursday until Sunday evening.  It turned into a very interesting time for everyone involved.  During the weekend, I seriously wondered whether or not Barry would go through with having Carol and Helen witness me pegging him.  I knew that he has a huge submissive nature and that he really wants me to peg him more often.  However, deep down, I was still surprised that he agreed to the witnesses.  I will also confess that I  had some misgivings about what I set into motion.  I began to have doubts about whether I would be comfortable performing this very personal act with my husband while someone watched.

However, Carol and Helen arrived at 7:00PM and I proceeded with what I had planned.  Helen brought a lovely dessert which we enjoyed with coffee in the living room.  Conversation was a little stunted at first, which I think was due to a little nervousness on everyone's part.

As we finished our dessert, I asked Barry to go to our guest room and change into the clothing that I had laid out there for him. While he was gone, I placed two dining room chairs in the center of the living room, about one foot apart and facing each other. When he returned to the living room, he was dressed in a lovely chemise with gartered stockings and a matching panty.  He was looking quite sheepish and embarrassed; I couldn't help but comment to the two other ladies about how cute he looked and they quickly agreed.  Helen even added a comment about how much she enjoys seeing his privates locked up.

I saw Barry looking at the two chairs, so I explained to him that I thought he might enjoy receiving a little spanking from Carol and Helen while I took care of some final preparations.  He smile and agreed that being over their laps would be a pleasure indeed.  I suggested that they take their places  in the two chairs and proceed to provide Barry with a nicely warmed bottom as a prelude to my pegging him.  I also explained that it was not to be a harsh disciplinary spanking, but it would be lovely to see some bright red color when I return.  I suggested that they monitor his state of arousal and spank as hard as they could without causing him to lose his erection.

As I left the room, Barry was over their two laps and the spanks were beginning to resound in the room.  I then proceeded to the bathroom where I prepared an enema bag with about six cups of luke warm water and a little soap.  After taking it to the guest room and making sure I had all of the desired toys arranged on the dresser, I returned to the living room to let everyone know that all things were now ready.  When I arrived, Barry's bottom was nicely colored and Carol and Helen were teasing him about what was going to happen to his bottom tonight as they spanked him.

When we arrived in the guest room, everyone immediately saw the enema bag and nozzle hanging from a bedpost.  Barry immediately groaned.  I explained to the two ladies that pegging is much more pleasant if the recipient's bottom is cleaned out a bit, hence the first step would be for Barry receive a nice warm, soapy enema.  I then sat on the side of the bed and placed a towel over my lap and instructed Barry to lie across my lap.  I then inserted the nozzle and started the flow.

In the meantime, Carol and Helen had taken their places in two upholstered chairs off to the side of the room.  Our guest room is quite large which allows for a nice little sitting area with an open area between it and the bed.  The sitting area provides a comfortable viewing space from the two ladies can enjoy the proceedings.   Once the bag was empty, I replaced the nozzle in Barry's bum with a penis shaped butt plug.  Keeping Barry in place, I then began to give him another spanking, explaining to Carol and Helen that I just really enjoy pegging Barry's bottom when it is nice and warm and red!  After about five minutes, I sent Barry to the bathroom to expel his enema, instructing him to make sure it is all out and to reinsert the plug before returning.

While Barry was gone I proceeded with more preparations, but getting my strapon in place.  I also helped Carol strap on my old harness and dildo under her dress.  She and I had made previous plans to surprise Barry with her wearing one that she would make him suck.  She and I both knew that she would not be permitted to peg Barry, but he wouldn't know that.

When Barry finally returned Carol was again seated, showing no evidence of what was under her skirt.  However, Barry could easily see what I was wearing and he quickly realized that it was not the smallest dildo we own, but is significantly larger than his own penis.  Standing in the middle of the room I directed Barry to come and kneel in front of me and to begin sucking my penis.    Glancing over at Carol and Helen, he reluctantly complied.  I kept him doing that for about five minutes before directing him to bend over the end of the bed.  When he stood up, I could see that his penis was straining at the cage, so I commented about how aroused he got while sucking my cock.  I also suggested that we could remove the cage if he would like.  He quickly agreed and I made sure that Carol and Helen go a good few of me slowly releasing him.

After taking his position on the bed, Barry was at a right angle to Carol and Helen, so he was not looking directly at them.  I had initially thought of positioning him so that he faced them, but decided not to do so.  I thought it would be better to give him the option of not having to look at them while being pegged.  This position also provided Carol and Helen with a wonderful view of what I was doing to him.   I took my time in lubing both Barry's bum hole and my strapon before slowly and gently beginning to insert it.  It took about five minutes before I was able to fully insert the dildo.  During that time Barry was acting like the little slut that he is as he moaned and groanaed the entire time and I kept teasing him about what a horny little slut he was.  After I was fully in him, I continued to slowly slide in and out of his bottom with the dildo.  He of course was loving it.

After several more minutes, I withdrew from Barry and told him to stand up.  I then laid on the bed on my back and directed Barry to straddle me and lower himself onto my dildo.  This gave him control, but also forced him to do the work of allowing my strapon to penetrate him  He slowly got into position and managed to squat onto the strapon.  Once he was fully onto me, I began to move my hips and directed him to do the same.  This cow girl position is one that Barry loves to do with me when we have intercourse, so I thought it only fair that he get to experience what it is like from the recipient's perspective.  It became quite clear that he found in more uncomfortable than when he is on the bottom :-).  Consequently, we didn't stay in that position very long, but I could also see that Helen and Carol were enjoying the perspective.  They also began teasing him about being such a slut and commenting about how hard his penis was.

I then decided that this was a good time to surprise Barry with Carol's strapon.  After letting him get up, I placed one of our high stools from our kitchen island into the center of the room.  I don't know if Barry had noticed it off to the side of the room or not,but he seemed a surprised by it.  After directing him to bend over it, I made sure that his waist area was over the center of the stool and that he had solid footing with his legs, which I slightly spread., I again proceed to enter him and slowly fuck him.  He again went into slut mode with his moaning and groaning as he enjoyed what was happening.  I then suggested that we were going to see just how much of slut he is.

 I asked Carol to stand and walk over to face Barry.  Show Barry what you have for him, I directed Carol.  She walked right up to him and started to slowly stroke the bulge which was evident beneath her skirt.  When Barry realized what she was doing, he immediately looked back at me and pleaded "Please, no".  I just stared back at him and advised him that I thought it would be fun for him to suck Carol's cock while I continue to fuck him.  Carol began to remove her skirt and then placed her cock into his mouth.  Barry was a reluctant participant at first.  However, as I proceed to more aggressively work his butt with my strapon, he became more involved.  Suddenly I hear Carol give out a little gasp and I realized that it was because Barry had grasped both of her bottom checks with his two hands and was very actively sucking her cock while he fondled her ass.  "Look at our little slut" Carol said.  "He likes to suck cock ... and he apparently also likes my ass".  I started to reprimand Barry and make him move his hands.  However, Carol stopped me and explained that it seems to allow him to more fully take her cock all the way in.  I think he is actually deep throating it.  After several more minutes, I decided it was time to move to our final position.

I then positioned Barry on the bed on his back with his bottom raised with our Liberator wedge.  That put him in perfect position for me to kneel between his legs and have access to ass while looking him in the eye.  It also made his genitals completely accessible.  By now it was very easy to fully penetrate him, which I quickly did.  Proceeding to deeply fuck him, I also began to gently tease his genital area with my hands.  However, I also sternly warned him that he hadn't better climax unless I gave him permission.  Carol commented that perhaps Barry would like to suck her cock again.  After I gave her the OK to find out, she came over to the side of the bed and positioned herself where Barry could get his mouth on it again.  Much to my surprise, he quickly did so.  Since she was blocking Helen's view of that action, I suggested that she might want to come closer so she could see just how much of a slut Barry is.

With us all in close proximity, I began to milk Barry more actively as I fucked him, again warning him not to come.  It didn't take long before he began to beg me to allow him to cum.  I slowed down a bit, but then raised the intensity again.  After going through that cycle several times, I could tell that he wasn't going to be able to hold out much longer, so I gave him permission.  Within ten seconds, he exploded, shooting his semen all over the front of his chemise.  Carol took advantage of that to rub her strapon in the semen and then place it in front of Barry's face again.  Much to my surprise, Barry quickly began sucking it again.  Carol repeated that act several times until she had cleaned up as much of his cum as she could.

I then suggested that Carol and Helen return to the living room to give Barry and I a few moments alone and that we would then join them.  I used those few moments to help Barry get cleaned up and do a check on what he was feeling.  I'll share more about that in a later post, but Barry was basically fine with all that had happened and really seemed to enjoy it.

When we returned to the living room, Carol had poured another cup of coffee for each of us and she and Helen seemed to be having a spirited conversation about what had taken place in the guest room.  I'll share more in a later post about their thoughts and reactions.  This post is getting much too long again, so I feel it will be better to save that for later.  Barry, again, has volunteered to add some photos to help break up the length of this one.  He and I both hope you enjoy his selections in an attempt to depict what he experienced.

Before Carol and Helen departed, I mentioned that I felt that Barry owes Carol an apology for his behavior.  He immediately acted like he didn't know what I was talking about, so Carol piped in that it is for the way he was groping her ass.  She added that she feels he not only owes her an apology, but also deserves a good spanking from her.  I quickly agreed and told her that I would be happy to arrange the opportunity for it to happen.  However, I added that it would not be tonight, because I had other things for Barry to attend to tonight.  Carol and Helen quietly smiled and suggested that they really needed to get going.

After they departed, Barry and I had more time to talk and debrief, but not before we retired to our bedroom, where he took very good care of my personal needs.


Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Barry's Increased Libido

Since I last posted, Barry continues to have increased libido with respect to me (as opposed to masturbation).  I firmly believe that Devotional Sex and his chastity device play a key role in this.  Since Valentine's Day, he has frequently made efforts to pleasure me (sometimes too often, but I love seeing his desire).  He has also not complained about his chastity device, I suspect because he knows he needs that type of control.

Interestingly, last night he broached the subject of pegging with me.  He shared how sexy our Valentine's Day experience was with respect to him having the dildo in his bottom.  In his words, "it enhanced everything else I did".  He asked (almost begged) if I would consider pegging him in the future, even if it didn't result in an orgasm for him.  I was a bit surprised, but also pleased with his confession and sharing of need.

I didn't answer right away.  I told him that I needed to think about it.  After I did so, I came back to his request and shared with him that I would happily consider it.  However, I then told him what I was thinking.  I suggested that I would use a strap-on dildo to peg him and provide him with a very special experience if he would agree that Carol and Helen would be invited to witness the event.  My line of reasoning was that I needed to explore and challenge Barry's degree of submissiveness.  It seems to be very strong and this challenge to him would tell me how strong it is.

To my surprise, Barry immediately agreed.  He didn't even think about it!  My sense of his submissive needs were immediately confirmed.

Soooo, this morning I called Helen and invited to her to come over for coffee.  She accepted and we had a very interesting conversation.  I shared with some of my discussion with Barry and asked her if she would be willing to again be a witness to what would happen.  I didn't know what to expect, since I don't think Helen even knew what "pegging" meant when I started to talk with her.  However, she quickly, and excitedly, agreed.  She is a very interesting and open woman.  I still needed to talk with Carol, but I knew she would love this, so Helen and I set a tentative date of tomorrow evening.  I suggested that we have coffee and dessert together, and Helen immediately offered to bring the dessert.

Later today, I called Carol and shared my plans with her, including some of my thoughts about what I would like her to do.  She was immediately "all in".

So ... tomorrow evening we will gather.  And, Barry is in for some surprises that may challenge him.  I think he will like them, based upon what I have observed about his submissiveness.

We shall see ...


Thursday, February 18, 2016

Checking in with Helen

I had not heard anything from Helen since Barry's punishment, which began to concern me.  We usually touch base by telephone or meeting for coffee at least once a week.  So yesterday I gave her a call.  I just wanted to see how she was doing and I didn't know if her silence was due to what she had observed that night, or if there was something else going on in her life.  It was time to check in with her.

I decided to take the direct approach and just ask her how she was.  Depending on her response, I was prepared to bring up the direct question of whether her silence was due to what she observed that evening.  And, that is what I had to end up doing.  I was very thankful that Helen was candid and honest with me.  She suggested we get together for coffee this morning, which we did.  I learned that Helen did have somewhat of a tough time that night.  She shared that it brought back some tough memories of her not being able to meet her husband's needs with respect to spanking.  I was also surprised to hear her acknowledge that she experienced a conflict of those memories and being somewhat excited to watch me punish Barry so severely.  She also seemed to really enjoy being a major reason for Barry being completely embarrassed or humiliated by having her watch.  She also apologized for not sharing that with me sooner, but she explained that she is still trying to deal with those conflicted feelings.

I could fully understand and, in some ways relate to what she was saying.  We ended up having a really good conversation, which seemed to increase her comfort level with her feelings.  I certainly don't have any expertise in this area, so it is hard for me to fully share our conversation or my interpretation of it.    I think the good news is that we are talking about it.


Wednesday, February 17, 2016

A Special Valentine's Day

We each awoke at the same time on Valentine's Day and Barry gently gave me a kiss and began to use his fingers to stimulate my clitoris and vagina.  He could immediately sense my positive response and rather quickly replaced his hand with his tongue.  Working gently, but deliberately, it didn't take him long to produce a wonderful orgasm on my part.

That put me in the right frame of mind to think in terms of providing Barry with a Valentine's Day treat as well.  Since his last punishment (witnessed by Helen and Carol), he has been the model of a devoted husband.  And, he has not complained once about being locked up in his device.  During those ten or so days, I have not removed it once, even for showering.

I suggested to Barry that he go and start taking a shower, and I would join him in a few minutes.  I could tell by his smile and twinkle in his eye that he knew I has something pleasant in mind.  As he began to shower, I gathered a few toys that I wanted and slipped into his favorite red bustier with matching panty.

When I arrived in the bathroom, Barry took one look and grinned from ear to ear.  He then saw the toys I brought and looked even happier.  I had selected  some shower toys that we have not used for well over a year:  a set of wrist cuffs that have suction cups to mount them to the shower wall; and a realistically sized dildo, also with a suction cup for mounting.  After turning the water off, I generously lubed the dildo and inserted it's head into Barry's anus before having him back up towards the wall so I could fasten the suction cup to the wall.  I then anchored his wrists about shoulder high to the wall using the cuffs.  I then told Barry that I would be back in a few moments, but which time I expected him to work his cute little butt on the dildo so his cheeks were flat against the wall.

I took a few moments to gather some additional items I planned to use before returning to our large walk-in shower.  The first thing I did was remove Barry's cage, which was a bit of a challenge due to the fact that his penis was already attempting to swell.  I then gently massaged, washed, and shaved the shaft of his penis, since it had been a while since he had been able to clean up down there.  I then whispered in his ear that he is not allowed to climax until I have him permission.  I told him that if he did, I would ruin his orgasm.  Using my fingers and hands, and then our sonic toothbrush, I brought him to the edge twice, but didn't give him permission to cum.  The second time he almost lost it.  I then turned my back toward him and allowed him to try to penetrate me from behind, which proved to be another wonderful tease.  After one more edging with my hands, I decided to give him a gift that I know he dearly loves, but has not experienced since his ED issues began.  I dropped to my knees and began to orally please him, slowly at first.  When he was finally begging me to allow him to climax, I granted permission and let him explode.

I was amazed at how easy it was to tease and edge him.  There were definitely no signs of ED issues that Sunday morning!  Which makes me wonder if the masturbation issue was a direct cause of the ED symptoms.  After hugging and kissing, I used the handheld shower to wash him down there and reinstall his cage again before releasing him from the shower wall.

Not surprisingly, Barry has been a very devoted husband who desires to please me again this week.  It feels like time to again introduce more Devotional Sex into our lives as we move forward.


Thursday, February 11, 2016

Barry's Turn - My Punishment Witnessed by Carol and Helen

I really do not enjoy being the center of attention.  If I am honest, I will say that I hate it.  But, I was excited when Susan informed me that Carol and Helen were going to witness my punishment last week.  I don't know how to explain that.  And, even though I was excited, at the same time I was fearful.

Carol has witnessed my spankings in the past.  She has also spanked me.  I am very comfortable with her.  As family, I have always felt there was a bond of trust that nothing would be shared with anyone else without Susan's and my permission.  But Helen is someone I don't really know.  I have met her and had mindless conversations with her at parties.  However, she is not family and I don't know whether there is any sense of confidentiality on her part.  I just didn't know.

So, I entered the evening last week both excited and very nervous. I was much more nervous when I entered the living room after dinner that night. When I saw the brush and Jokari paddle on the coffee table, it took my breath away.  The brush is always hard for me because of its deep penetrating pain.  The Jokari is new to me.  But it looked thick and big. I hate heavy wood paddles.  I also know that Susan knows that. So it made me realize that she was purposely going to scare the heck out of me and probably spank me in an extremely hard way.

Needless to say, my fears and concerns only increased as the evening progressed.  When Susan exposed me and removed my cage in front of Helen, it was extremely embarrassing.  Helen's comments about my cute little bald penis in a cage and panties didn't help.  I didn't know where she was coming from.  Having Susan make me rub my cock with my panties only made things worse.  At that point, I can say that my feeling went from embarrassment to humiliation. That was another indication to me that Susan really planned to punish me that night.  The strange thing is that I felt that I deserved it. So, I was still OK.  The final spanking was really the worst part of the evening.  I don't think Susan has ever spanked me that hard before and the Jokari is a really nasty paddle.  The redness didn't fade completely until three days after the spanking and I felt tenderness in my lower cheeks for almost a week.

One commenter asked if this punishment made a significant impression on me to cause me to stop masturbating.  It certainly did, at least for the present time.  However, I also know that time causes the memory and the pain to fade.  And, I don't think it will matter because Susan has made to very clear to me that I will not be let out of my cage when I am unsupervised anytime in the foreseeable future!  I can't really blame her.  I realize I have a long way to go to earn her trust again.

I'm also OK with that.  I like it when she takes charge of me and I like the fact that we are getting back into practicing some aspects of Devotional Sex again.


Saturday, February 6, 2016

Ending Barry's Punishment and Sorting it Out

When I finished with the Jokari paddle last Wednesday night, I immediately took Barry in my arms, hugged him strongly, and told him how much I love him.  He hugged me back just as strongly and wimpered that he was "so sorry" and that he would never cheat on me again.  I turned to Carol and mouthed my request that she and Helen work on dessert and give us some time.  She immediately understood and took Helen into the kitchen.  That gave Barry and I a few moments to retire to the bedroom for me to comfort him and  help him get redressed in a respectable manner.

When we returned to the living room, Carol and Helen were just beginning to bring our dessert into the living room along with a pot of freshly brewed coffee.  It was a bit awkward as we all sat down.  Carol and Helen were noticeably very silent.  I'm sure they were waiting for me to start things off.  However, before I did so, Barry spoke up.  He started out by apologizing to Carol and Helen for them having to witness what happened.  He went on to tell them that he was very thankful to have a wonderful wife who understood him and was willing to discipline him in a way that would help be a better person.  He then apologized to them for having to witness what just took place.  He shared that it must have been uncomfortable for them, but then joked that they definitely weren't as uncomfortable as he was.  That made us all laugh and it really broke the ice.

That seemed to give Helen the courage to speak up.  She started out by sharing that she had not been completely candid with me.  She then explained that her husband had similar issues and needs as Barry.  However, she was not able to meet them.  She couldn't bring herself to spank him in the way that he desired.  Consequently, she felt their relationship never developed to the full extent that he would have liked.  She was very thankful for me allowing her into the inner sanctum of my relationship with Barry.  She was also very complimentary of Barry openly accepting discipline from me for what was a serious breach of the marriage commitment.  She confessed that there were times when she had to look away as I punished him.  But, she also told Barry that he deserved every bit that I gave him.

Carol then chimed in with gracious comments concerning how much a gift that Barry and I are to each other.  I felt she went a bit overboard with her praise for how much I give to Barry, as well as her praise for Barry being willing to accept his well deserved punishment.

So, despite my initial fears that I had created a situation that might not be good, it all turned out well.


Friday, February 5, 2016

A Very Embarrassing Evening for Barry

I will begin this post by admitting that I was quite hesitant about whether what I was doing was a good thing.  However, the comments provided to my last post convinced me to follow my instincts.  Thank you to everyone for your sharing and giving me confidence and suggestions.

I proceeded with my plans to punish Barry in front of Helen Wednesday night.  And, I also invited my sister, Carol.  Helen has previously met Carol,and Carol has previously observed and participated in spanking Barry, so I thought Carol might add a bit of a comfort level to both Barry and Helen.

Helen and Carol each arrived at the appointed time of 6:00PM. We relaxed in the living room with a class of wine, which I think helped relax each of us.  Carol was probably the most relaxed of all of us, which was very helpful.  It made me glad that I decided to include her.   Barry was the least relaxed, understandably.  He had two glasses of wine and I have never seen him so quiet.  Not surprisingly, no one broached the subject of why we were together.

We eventually moved into the dining room for a simple supper that I had prepared. Conversation still remained somewhat stilted, which made me nervous.  However, we still seemed to manage some good conversation about the current political situation ... what happened in Iowa on Monday, and what will happen in NH next week.  Since Barry and I have lived in NH, Carol and Helen were eager to hear our thoughts.  That also gave Barry a comfortable topic to talk about and he became a bit more engaged. I was very thankful for that.

As we finished our dinner, I suggested that we save dessert for after Barry receives his punishment.  This was the first time our reason for being together was mentioned.  And, it seemed to provide some relief to Helen to hear it vocalized.  I wasn't sure whether to delay dessert or not, but my gut told me that we needed to have something to bring us all together after the main event.  It turned out to be a good decision.

I asked Barry to clear the table, while I prepared the living room.  Helen followed Carol's lead in helping him.  While they were cleaning up, I took a dining room chair into the living room and placed it in the middle of the room facing the sofa.  Our coffee table was the only thing separating the chair and the sofa.  I then placed the implements that I planned to use on Barry's bottom (besides my hand) on the coffee table.

Returning to the kitchen, I asked Helen and Carol if they would like another glass of wine.  Carol took me up on it.  Looking quite nervous, Helen declined.  After Carol poured herself a glass of wine, I suggested that we all retire to the living room.  Carol and Helen seated themselves on the sofa and I sat on the dining room chair.  Barry wasn't quite sure what to do, so I called him over to stand by my right side facing the sofa.  I could see Barry and Helen nervously looking at the implements on the coffee table.

I then thanked Helen and Carol for being here to witness Barry's punishment and explained that Barry and I each agree that it is important for him to experience the embarrassment of being punished in front of someone.  I then instructed Barry to remove his shirt, shoes,and socks.  After he did so, I then made him turn to his left to face me and I unbuckled his belt and lowered his trousers.  I then instructed him to step out of them, fold them neatly, and place them on a nearby chair along with his other removed clothing.

When Barry finished, wearing only a pair of sheer white nylon panties through which it was clearly visible that he was shaved and wearing a chastity device, it was very evident that he was nervous and embarrassed.  I decided to add to his level of embarrassment by stating something like "Doesn't he look cute in these wonderful panties and his chastity device?"  I don't think Helen knew what to say, but Carol immediately commented about how perfectly submissive and cute he looked.  Looking up at Barry, I could see a blush appear in his cheeks.

I then lowered Barry's panties to mid thigh and asked him if he would like me to remove his device before he is spanked.  This caught him by surprise.  I had never done that before.  He eventually stammered that "Yes, that might be nice".  This let me make his penis the center of attraction as I removed the cage.  After slowly removing the cage and gently touching his penis while I explained to Helen how useful I have found this chastity device, Barry began to get an erection.

I was a bit surprised by this.  I began to apologize to Helen for putting her in an uncomfortable position of seeing my husband become sexually aroused.  Much to my surprise, she quickly replied with something like "Oh, don't be concerned Susan.  I have seen my share of 'willies' in my life, especially when I was younger.  However, I will admit that this is the first time that I have seen a cute little bald one that was locked up in a plastic box and wearing panties!.  I must also admit that I wish I knew about these things when my husband was alive."

I couldn't help but smile at her genuine response.  I eventually looked at Barry and he was crimson.  I was then taken completely by surprise with Carol's response. She quickly stated "I can take care of that" ... and she got up from the couch and used her first finger triggered by her thumb to thump against the underside of the shaft of Barry's penis.  She quickly repeated that action two more times.  To my surprise, his penis immediately began to wilt.  I guess I looked at her in surprise, so she quickly apologized and share that this was a technique that she had learned years ago in nursing school.

Barry now stood by my side, completely naked except for his panties that were lowered to mid thigh.  He started to place his hands in front of his penis, but I stopped him and directed him to explain to Helen and Carol why he was being punished.  He began to stammer and said that he thought they already knew.  I calmly explained that they have heard the reasons from me, but that it is important to me that he personally share with them what he has done wrong.  I added, "I want you to personally admit to them what you have been doing without my knowledge."

Barry then proceeded to stammer and slowly explain that during the past few months he had become obsessed with watching spanking porn on his computer and had been jerking off (his term).  I prompted him to go further by asking what was the result of this type of activity (which is something that Barry and I have discussed the past few days).  He became very obviously more embarrassed and became very quiet.  When I told him that I was waiting for his answer, he quietly shared that he developed some erectile dysfunction.  I then took on the role of a prosecuting attorney and asked him if a better characterization of his condition might be that he became impotent.  After a long pause, he whispered "yes".

I was watching Carol at this time, because this was something I had not even shared with her.  I could see the look of surprise and shock on her face.  And, when I looked at Barry, he was crimson faced.  I then thanked Barry for his honesty and asked him to explain what else he had done to deserve his punishment.

Barry slowly shared how he had visited a professional disciplinarian last fall to be spanked.  Again, my prosecuting attorney personality kicked in and I forced him to explain how many times he had done so; and to acknowledge that he did this without even telling me that he needed to be spanked or asking me to do so.  I also pushed him to admit that he agreed with me that his actions were equivalent to cheating on me.

I then explained to Helen and Carol (primarily for Helen's benefit) that I had already punished Barry last week for these actions, but that I felt it important to make sure he learns a lesson.  I also explained that a very important part of this punishment is to make Barry admit what he did to someone else besides me and to have this punishment witnessed by both of them.

I then asked Barry to pull up his panties and get over my lap.  I could tell that he was surprised at being allowed to keep his panties on.  For the benefit of Helen and Carol, I explained that I don't normally spank Barry with his panties on when the spanking is a punishment.  However, tonight I was going to start out easier than usual; and that I wanted them to see how cute his shaved bottom looks in nylon.  As he was pulling up his panties, I hiked up my skirt so that Barry would be lying over my stocking covered legs.

Once he was over my lap I began spanking and scolding him, as well as periodically pausing to rub his bottom and comment about how cute he looked.  I gradually spanked him quite hard with my hand and his bottom was becoming a nice pink color.  However, I could tell by the feel of his penis against my thigh that he was enjoying it.  Having him lie directly on my stockings was having the effect I desired.  When I allowed him to stand up, it was obvious that he was quite aroused.

I took this opportunity to embarrass him further.  Pulling down his panties, I made him step out of them and I then hung them on his erection.  I commented, "Since you are getting spanked for masturbating, why don't you show Helen and Carol how you like to stroke your penis with nylon panties when you masturbate?".  "No, please don't make me do that", he begged.  When I just stared at him, he took the panties and began to massage his penis.  After two or three minutes, I allowed him to stop.

After first making him hand me the wooden hairbrush that was on the coffee table, I positioned him over my lap with his legs spread open and his penis drawn back between his legs so that it was clearly visible and accessible to me.  I knew that this would further embarrass him in front of the ladies, plus I wanted to keep an eye on his level of arousal.  I expected to to go down very shortly, and it did.  It didn't take many swats with the hairbrush to have him squirming and begging me to stop.  I started out using it very methodically, working my way around his entire bottom and sit spot.  Near the end I just alternated from cheek to cheek while minimizing the time between swats.  Of course, I was scolding him about his masturbation problem the entire time and making him promise to never masturbate without my permission.  When I was finally done I allowed him to stand and rub his bottom for a moment while standing facing Helen and Carol.

When I was ready to continue I told Barry that the next stage of his punishment would address his cheating on me by visiting the disciplinarian.  After having him provide me with the Jokari paddle on the coffee table,  He looked at me with fear in his eyes.  He had never seen this paddle and he is very fearful of heavy wood.  I looked back at him with a look that said "deal with it cheater".  I then took him back over my lap.  This time I required him to lie over my left leg so that I could use my right leg to clamp him in place.  Once I had him in place, I suggested to him that he hang onto the chair rungs and be prepared for some pain.

I then went to work with the Jokari.. While scolding Barry, I started out by spanking his right cheek, then his left cheek, and finally right across the middle of his bottom.  I repeated this pattern about twenty times.  I then suggested that he hang on tight while I finished things up.  That meant multiple, rapid alternating swats with the Jokari between both of his cheeks.  It didn't take long to have Barry begging me to stop.

When I finally stopped, Barry was sobbing.

This post has become much too long.  I apologize.  Barry suggested that we need to add some photos to break it up.  So, I directed him to find some.  He found a couple.  I have also decided that I need to go ahead and post what I have.  My next post will talk about how the four of us dealt with what had happened.

We continue to grow,

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Barry's Desire to be Embarrassed

In his recent post, Barry shared his desire (he would say 'need') to be embarrassed or humiliated in front of another woman by being exposed when he is disciplined.  For quite some time I have been aware of his need to be spanked and his very strong submissiveness.  However, until this week, I didn't realize how strong a feeling the embarrassment issue was for him.  I've been giving it considerable thought, especially with respect to trying to understand why the feelings are so strong and how we might provide this type of experience in a way that is comfortable for me.  Of course, Barry has been spanked in front of my sister in the past; and even been spanked by her.  However, that doesn't seem to completely fulfill his desire.

I didn't overtly plan for it to happen this soon, but events yesterday created a situation where it will likely happen tomorrow evening.  I was having lunch with a lovely lady who lives nearby.  She is about my age (probably a little younger) and we have gotten to know each other quite well.  She is a widow, having lost her husband a little over a year ago to a sudden, unexpected, massive heart attack.  During our lunch yesterday, she asked how things were going with Barry and me.  I don't know whether it was because of the way she asked the question, but for some reason I let my guard down and replied in a way that I have never done with anyone other than my sister.  I commented that we are doing well, but that I have had to return to disciplining him lately.  She immediately picked up on that and started asking more questions in a very kind and gentle way.  It felt very comfortable, so I ended up sharing a lot about our FLR and spanking relationship with her.  I was surprised that nothing I said appeared to shock her and she was extremely intrigued by everything I shared.  At one point, she shared that she wished that she and her husband had enjoyed such a relationship.

The end result was that I shared with her Barry's desire to have a witness to his spanking.  I also asked her how she would feel about observing a spanking session and creating an embarrassing situation for him.  To my surprise, she was very interested and actually seemed quite excited about such opportunity.  So, Helen has been invited to dinner tomorrow night and I plan to administer another punishment spanking to Barry for his recent activities.  I also plan to require Barry to explain to Helen why he is being punished while he is naked and ready to go over my lap.

Barry doesn't know about this yet, and I will admit that I'm a little anxious about what I have set into motion.  During dinner tonight I will share with him that he will be punished again tomorrow night and that Helen will be present to witness it.  I'm sure I'll have a better idea at that point of whether it is a mistake.  If I feel it is, I can always call it off or postpone it.


Sunday, January 31, 2016

Barry's Turn - A Sharing

I am writing this post at the request (actually a demand) from Susan.  It's part of my punishment for my poor judgement and behavior.  I don't blame her for requiring me to do this.  Some of you have been suggesting that I share more on the blog and you deserve to hear from me about why I did the things I did.

The last couple of days Susan has relentlessly pushed the question of how and why I could have thought it was appropriate to see a professional disciplinarian without talking with her about it.  I don't do well with those types of questions.  I find them hard to answer and to explain my feelings.  But Susan has pushed very hard and forced me to at least attempt to give her some answers.

I don't have good reasons for my behavior because there aren't any.  I was stupid and thoughtless.  Because of that I ended up thinking with my dick and not my brain.  During the past few months we each faced health issues at different times.    We drifted away from our normal routines of sex and devotion to each other.  Stupidly, instead of sharing my disappointment and desires with Susan, I turned to spanking internet porn and my hand.  As I again became addicted to that form of sexual pleasure, I knew it was wrong.  I also knew I needed help to break the habit.   I also felt I needed to be spanked (Susan would say that I didn't 'need' to be spanked, but I 'desired' to be spanked. She is probably right.   Instead of sharing that need or desire with Susan, I went elsewhere. That was a huge mistake and I knew it at the time.  But I still went and did it.

A bigger question is "Why did I feel that need or desire to be spanked?"  This is the type of question that is hard for me to find an answer.  After discussions with Susan, I think it is because I have a need (or desire) to be embarrassed or humiliated by another woman.  I have always had a complex about my penis size and find it extremely embarrassing to have to expose it when my bottom is bared for a spanking.  Yet, somehow I crave to have that happen.  And, I can't explain that.  It just is.

So, I probably visited the disciplinarian to be humiliated, which perhaps I thought would help me break the relapse addiction to spanking porn and jerking off. I don't know.  I just know I was stupid.

I have not shared the above explanation with Susan or you to seek your sympathy or forgiveness.  I know what I did was wrong.  I knew it was wrong when I did it.  And I know that my explanation does not justify my actions.

I also know I am a very lucky man to have a wife like Susan.  At this time I also know I don't deserve her, but I'm very glad that she is still here and willing to make our marriage work.

I also want to thank the readers of this blog for your support of Susan and me during our journey into the lifestyle we have chosen.  You have been very helpful and supportive of her especially.


Friday, January 29, 2016

Barry's Confessions

During dinner Wednesday evening, Barry and I had a conversation concerning how good it feels to be back on track in our relationship.  We had each felt completely out of sorts during the past few months.  Barry was also very appreciative of my spanking him on Sunday.  After dinner, while we were doing dishes together, I could sense that Barry was uneasy and he seemed like there was something that he wanted to say.  "What is it?" I asked.

After some stammering and hesitation, he finally shared that there are a couple of things that he needs to confess to me concerning his behavior the past few months.  With some encouragement, he finally told me that he had reverted back to spending too much time on his computer watching spanking porn, and that he was again masturbating more than he feels is healthy for our relationship.  I shared his concern about those two habits and asked him what he thought could help him.  The answer was a request for discipline from me.  I suggested that we could begin that night.  He then went back into his "quiet" mode and I could again tell that there was something else that he wasn't saying.  Again, after some probing, he finally blurted out that he had seen a professional disciplinarian a couple of times last fall.

This caught me completely by surprise and I blurted out my shock and dismay that he would seek someone else to provide him with discipline, especially after how far we have come together the past few years.  I was very hurt and I let him know that I felt like he had cheated on me. As the conversation continued, he finally admitted that he has seen this woman three times during the course of the fall.  He didn't feel like it was cheating it was just for spanking discipline and there was no sexual contact involved.  However, he also eventually admitted that as part of his discipline for the masturbation issue, on two occasions she required him to stand in front of her and masturbate to orgasm.

After regaining some composure and cooling down a little bit, I finally asked him what he thought we should do about that behavior.  Much to my surprise, his response was "I need to be punished because I have betrayed your love and your trust."   After telling him that I was glad that he had used the word "punished" this time, and not just "disciplined", I told him to proceed to the bathroom and take a shower; and to then meet me in our bedroom.

While he was showering, I began to prepare the bedroom for what I had planned for Barry.  After bringing in a straight-back dining room chair and his notebook PC, I then began to place a variety of our spanking implements on our bed, as well as a bright red baby doll nightgown with matching panties (as a punishment outfit for Barry).

When Barry appeared in his bathrobe, I directed him to put on his punishment outfit and to sit on the dining chair and await my return.  I then took a shower to give myself some time to think and compose myself.  When I returned to the bedroom, I advised Barry that we would first deal with the PC porn.  I directed him to pick out three implements and bring them to me.  While he as making his selections, I took the notebook PC and sat in the dining chair.  After locating a video that I knew he liked of a man being spanked OTK by a women, I placed the PC on the floor to the left of the chair.  Barry finally made his selections (a small leather paddle, a small wooden paddle, and a hairbrush) and brought them to me.  I placed them on the floor to the left of the chair, along with the PC.  

 I then began to scold and lecture Barry as he stood in front of me.  His erection was obvious, so I also commented that it didn't appear that he was very sorry about what he had done and assured him that his sense of pleasure between his legs would soon disappear.   I then took Barry over my lap and  directed him to start the video.  I told him that I planned to spank him until it finished (it was between 25 and 30 minutes long).  started in with a hand spanking over his panties.  His head was about a foot away from the PC and the implements that would soon be put to use.  I made him hand each one to me as I wanted to use it, saving the hairbrush for last.  After using my hand and the first implement, I also made him stand so I could remove his panties, although they offered little protection.  By that time his erection was beginning to fade.

By the time I and the video finished, I had him wriggling and yelping, and when he stood up, it was apparent that his penis was completely flacid.

"let's now deal with your masturbation issue", I announced.  "First, I want you to get your penis hard again".  It took him about five minutes, but he finally achieved a meaningful erection.  It was clear that he wasn't finding this as sexually exciting as he had hoped. "I want you on your knees and elbows on the bed ...with your legs spread, so I can have access to your bottom and your genitals."  Taking a 24" wooden ruler paddle in my left hand, I began to paddle his already very red bottom while I used my left hand to reach under this belly and find his penis.  Barry doesn't enjoy this paddle because it provides a lot of intense sting to both cheeks each time it lands.  However, I was able to monitor his state of arousal and keep his penis erect while still administering a pretty severe paddling.  Near the end, I stopped the teasing and just let him experience lots and lots of sting during the final thirty swats I administered.

Allowing Barry to stand up, it was obvious that his erection had again disappeared.  I informed him that he was now going to stand in front of me and show me how masturbated for his disciplinarian.   He tried to beg off by saying he didn't think he could get hard again.  He did have a problem, which didn't surprise me, so I brought out the Hitachi vibrator to provide some assistance in achieving an erection.  Once hard, however, the vibrator was shut off and Barry was forced to complete the act by himself.  I made him ejaculate into his red panties, which I then rolled up to used as a gag during his final punishment.

"OK, now it time to deal with your cheating on me with the disciplinarian", I announced. "Noooooo", he begged.  However, he quickly realized that I would not be dissuaded.  By this time Barry's bottom was bright red and beginning to mark a bit.  However, I still planned to punish him for seeing the disciplinarian.   I brought out a pair of bright pink spandex panties which tightly cover his bottom very nicely.  I thought they would give him a little protection, as well as hold the burning sensation in his bottom quite nicely for his final paddling.  I then fastened his wrists together with a pair of our cuffs, placed his soiled panties in his mouth, and took him back over my lap while I sat in the chair.  I had previously placed our medium sized lexan paddle next to the chair within easy reach, but I don't think Barry saw me do so.   The lexan is his most dreaded implement and the first swat with it took him completely by surprise!  I then proceeded to slowly scold him while methodically using the paddle.  At one point  I paused to lower his panties to check on the condition of his bottom.  He thought I was going to keep them down and began to frantically beg me not to do so (at least that's what I assumed was coming out of his muffled mouth).  However, his bottom was OK, so I pulled the panties back up and resumed the paddling.  By the time I stopped, Barry was limp across my lap and quietly sobbing.

When it was over, I had Barry sit on my lap so I could hold and cuddle him and let him know that I still loved him.  However, I also let him know that if he ever did such a foolish thing again, this paddling would seem like a warm up spanking.

I had Barry sleep in the spandex panties that night.  In the morning, I locked him in his cage, where I plan to keep him until I feel he is ready to be trusted with respect to masturbation again.

It has been a long time since I administered this type of serious punishment spanking to Barry.  I still hate to do it.  It is the one part of our relationship that I do not like.  However, it sometimes seems like the only way I can get through to him.  I hope this is the last time for a long time.

One thing I'm sure of though is that Barry still needs to be submissive and be spanked.  From his behavior and things he told me this week, it is clear that he has strong needs with respect to both.  I want to be able to meet those needs and have him meet mine as well.